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15 March 2018

alms.NET Direct Debit Process - changes to the BACS XML reports

You may have had notification from BACS or your BACS agency that all XML reports will be changing. BACS have been moving to a new environment and all XMl files will be generated using new standards. For more information please see .  The move is scheduled for completion in mid March 2018.

How does this affect alms.NET?

02 March 2018

Legacy Marketing & Administration

Notification of a single legacy bequest can herald a sea change in a charity's fortunes. Legacies needn’t just trickle in - a well thought-out marketing strategy should over time increase notifications significantly. alms.NET supports legacy marketing programmes and estate administration once probate has been granted.

Legacy Marketing …

02 March 2018

alms.NET Live

Migration of 1m Contacts, 3 Million Transactions, 10 teams, 60 users and a new technical infrastructure – in just 9 Months!

02 March 2018

alms.NET - Supporting the GDPR requirements

We are working with our clients on an individual basis to discuss the requirements for GDPR and how it affects individuals data held in alms.NET. Our clients are at different stages of GDPR adoption in terms of their understanding and preparation so we are reviewing each one to see how far they have progressed and what their challenges a…

02 March 2018

Have you got consent?

Managing consent is one of the biggest challenges our clients and other charities are facing regarding the GDPR. It doesn’t just mean obtaining consent to send direct marketing communications; it is also about obtaining consent to hold personal data.

Consent forms part of the individual’s rights and is affected by the following areas:

02 March 2018

Fundraising Preference Service

The Charity sector came under the media spotlight in 2015 when frustration amongst the general public regarding the nature and frequency of fundraising approaches was reported.  Following a review, the need for a service to help individuals manage their communication with charities was identified, hence the FPS.  The Fundraising Preferen…

02 March 2018

GDPR - right to erasure ('right to be forgotten')

The right to erasure is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’. The broad principle underpinning this right is to enable an individual to request the deletion or removal of personal data when there is no compelling reason for its continued processing.


When does the right to erasure apply?

02 March 2018

Fundraising Preference Service - FPS Requests

It has been over a week since the Fundraising Preference Service has been launched and the Fundraising Regulator has released some figures - see above.  We have contacted a number of our clients about their experience so far:

02 March 2018

Cyber Essentials +

Increasingly people are being made aware of the seriousness of cyber attacks. Malware and viruses, along with direct attacks have hit major corporations recently including the NHS. With the arrival of GDPR, and the necessity of protecting against data breaches it is vital that responsible steps are taken to protect against intrusion.


02 March 2018

Online Fundraising Agencies, e.g. Just Giving, Virgin Money

Online fundraising is a significant - and increasing - income stream for charities. Agencies such as JustGiving, Virgin Money Giving and MyDonate are recruiting and supporting fundraisers and donors, on behalf of numerous charities, to create fundraising pages for the collection of donations from their various events and activities.


02 March 2018

location, location, location?

Our office lease expired at the end of March: the landlord is 're-purposing' the building, into posh apartments. We've been thinking for some time about the need for an office, for people to travel to daily in order to work.  

It's a while since all the hard resources needed to do jobs like ours had to be under one roof - the incr…

02 March 2018

going forward

We’ll be posting, frequently and irregularly, on things we’re interested in and care about. Things we think worth saying and sharing. Irregularly, because if we’ve nothing to say, that’s what we’ll say.

There’ll be some product news, of course, because we care about alms.NET. There won’t be too much, and we’ll do our best to make it in…

02 March 2018

HMRC Changes to Gift Aid Claiming - April 2015

One of the requirements of a gift aid claim has always been the submission of a full postal address for both donors and sponsored event participants. The recent change to the scheme included validation to ensure that either a valid UK postcode was present or for non-UK residents that HMRC were notified accordingly.

With the introductio…

02 March 2018

lots of change but same old problems

Five years ago I was a very fit and active 47 year old with a large family and a good career in the NFP sector at Westwood Forster. Then, for no apparent reason, I suffered catastrophic and near fatal heart failure.

02 March 2018

GDPR - Change is happening

As of 25th May 2018 organisations will be required to meet the GDPR regulations, in capturing and processing data, particularly in regard to communications. It is important to realise that this is the date from which fines for breach of the regulations will begin. The regulations have actually been in force since May 2016. The GDPR relat…

02 March 2018

GDPR - Getting ready for 25th May


GDPR becomes effective on 25th May 2018.  With this in mind, The Institute of Fundraising together with the Fundraising Regulator have published guidance on GDPR based on the questions that charities have asked.  It looks at the different fundraising methods and identifies ways in which personal data is likely to be used in each…

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