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For Everything You Need. And Nothing You Don't.

The CRM Without Constraints.

The Gifted Solutions are a new kind of CRM for NFPs. No more rigid on-premise solutions. No more constrained packages. It’s time to work with a precise system tailored to your specific needs and access it securely from anywhere on any device.

Our cloud solutions offer decades of NFP processing knowledge in a modern, simple and totally flexible system. This complete flexibility means the solutions are suitable for every organisation of every shape and size and are designed to be customised to the exact specifications that an organisation requires. From individual data items to complex workflows and user-specific dashboards; processes can be moulded in minutes to make sure that they work to fit your way of doing things, and not the other way around.


A Solution For Every Problem. No, Really.

Whether it’s one function you’re after, be it grants, legacies, major donors, events, fundraising… Or a wider-scale digital transformation – Gifted has the answer. Choose to make one of our solutions yours or take full control over your entire organisation's digital presence. Integrate the systems you use and bring your people and processes together into one simple, powerful cloud application.


Manage your entire grants process in one place. (Learn More)


Marketing, Administration and beyond. It's all there. (Learn More)

Major Donors

Putting the science behind the art of major gift fundraising. (Learn More)


Get more from those who want to give.


Attract. Connect. Retain. Grow. Make helping easier.


Create, manage and promote. For events large and small.


Manage Members with ease and help them feel at home.


Receive. Process. Respond. Better. 

Create your very own Gifted Solution to take care of your organisational processes. Work with us to transform your idea into a complete application that seamlessly integrates with your current systems.

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