legacy managementtrack and administer legacies from notification to receipt of the bequest

Notification of a single legacy bequest can herald a sea change in a charity's fortunes

Legacies needn’t just trickle in - a well thought-out marketing strategy should over time increase notifications significantly. alms.NET supports legacy marketing programmes, and estate administration once probate has been granted.



  • Create multi-segmented, finely-targeted promotional mailings
  • Stream enquirers and pledgers into appropriately-tailored communication plans; issue enquirers with information packs automatically
  • Promote causes in which the legator has a special interest; define and associate appropriate services and schemes as part of the legacy management process
  • Plan and programme legacy marketing events
  • Capture legacy details including will and codicil dates and estate value
  • Automatically remove contacts from all communications on receipt of a death notification; immediately alert selected colleagues and teams
  • Capture notifications from Smee and Ford
  • Capture details of other charities named, identify lead charity and manage and share communications
  • Capture contact details and communicate with next of kin and executors
  • Capture estimated value and details of the life party
  • Create steps and checklists to progress legacy administration
  • Record every communication and change to a legacy
  • Claim Gift Aid on estate income

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