grant managementclose control of all your funding processes, from application and assessment to payment and reportage

Growing numbers and types of organisation are giving direct assistance to individuals, helping other organisations fund their own welfare initiatives, and acting as a source of general grants administration expertise. Grant applications have to gather sufficient information fully to test eligibility and fit with diverse constitutional goals. Case workers may need to visit and interview applicants. Single applications might address multiple, independent funding sources.


alms.NET’s development has been guided by views from across the statutory, voluntary and private sectors, including government bodies and large corporations, as well as charities that themselves disburse funding for capital expenditure, hardship payments, annuities and essential goods.

  • Application processing has to be lean and streamlined, from assessment to award, while promoting robust monitoring and audit
  • Define data types and data capture processes per award or scheme
  • Define steps and checklists to manage and track applications
  • Produce automated acknowledgements with calls for clarification or further information as needed
  • Define your application forms on the web; validate and link directly to alms.NET
  • Assess priority and fidelity to assessment criteria
  • Support single applications to multiple funding sources
  • Automatically manage workflow, streaming applications directly to reviewers, assessors and approvers
  • Process multi-line applications and generate itemised acknowledgments, detailing items approved or rejected
  • Automatically release conditional awards when all criteria are met
  • Feed completed applications directly into alms.NET from web-site

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