Streetwise Giftaid GatewayOnline submission of Gift Aid claims to HMRC


Since April 2013, online submission via the HMRC Gateway has been the primary method of making Gift Aid claims.


Streetwise Gift Aid Gateway is a simple application designed to take any file containing sufficient information to make a Gift Aid claim, and submit it to the Government Gateway Web Services.


This application pre-validates the data, so you can fix issues prior to submitting the claim, and stores both the submission and the response from HMRC. It also enables you to include any refunds due to HMRC for monies incorrectly claimed.


It should be noted that this application is not designed to manage your donors, income, or even your claims. This application enables you to send HMRC a claim raised in your fundraising system, where your system does not support integrated submission.


For information on pricing and availability please contact us.


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