Streetwise Address ValidationWhat does it cost?

We are duty bound by the Royal Mail to understand how you intend to use their data as it will dictate the royalties we need to pay them.  The Royal Mail dictates that there are at least three ways the Full PAF® data can be licensed for use inside your organisation:

  • ‘Pay as you go’, where you buy a block, or blocks, of transactions (clicks)
  • Licencing each user annually for unlimited internal use
  • Large organisations can group numbers of users into multiple user blocks with pricing caps set for the highest volume users

For external use such as your website where your customers, members, supporters etc. may make use of the Full PAF® data, the Royal Mail licence offers two options:

  • ‘Pay as you go’, for those organisations who want to budget and have control over their costs
  • Unlimited use for organisations with larger volumes of traffic, or for whom measuring traffic volumes is less important.

With many software providers offering different solutions, we have simplified it as much as possible within the Royal Mail constraints.


It should be noted that a ‘User’ in Royal Mail terms, and therefore also our terms, means a device that accesses the full PAF® data such as a Desktop, Laptop or hand held device.


In addition, we have integrated data from other sources to bring you administrative county and ward information. This information can be supplied as part of the returned address, or as a region definition set for alms.NET. We have also integrated Geocode data for England, Wales and Scotland. Again, this information can be returned with the address data, or we provide a bulk update service for addresses you hold that do not currently have geocode data.


In instances where just showing the Street for a Post Code is enough but not validating that the number on that Street exists is all the function you need, we offer what is called Street Level Lookup at up to 70% cheaper than Full Delivery Point costs as shown below.  If you are interested, please contact us for details and pricing on any of these additional services.    


Calculating the annual cost for basic address resolution


        Address data supplied by Royal Mail

Expected number of users :
Estimated number of searches :
Internal Use - Per Click licencing

= £1500.00

Internal Use - Per User licencing

= £1500.00

External Use - Per Click licencing

= £225.00

For further information regarding licencing please refer to our terms and conditions.

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