streetwise address validation3,000 change of addresses per day


Many of our clients need addressing software and you probably know why; incorrectly addressed mail can cost your organisation in so many ways;


  • The wrong address equals undelivered messages.
    You may interpret the lack of response as having sent the wrong message and invest more time, effort and money sending your material into a black hole.
  • The wrong address is a logistical, material and postage cost waste
    Re-delivery costs as well as administration costs should be avoided.
  • The wrong address results in unrealised opportunities
    You may be saying the right thing to the wrong person or no-one.
  • But worst, the wrong address means you don’t know your customers, supporters, members, stakeholders as well as you would hope!

        Address data supplied by Royal Mail        

The Post Office say that 3,000 address changes are made every day.  This amounts to 1.25 million changes each and every year in the UK.  How accurate is the information you are working with?  How much is poor address management costing your organisation?


Capturing the correct address quickly is the first step in improving the value of all your records.  Many of our clients came to us and said that this important step in the address management process was increasingly expensive and could we help? With our understanding of the fundamental business process we felt we could help and now we offer our cost effective, secure, internet based solution; called Streetwise Addressing.


At a technical level, Streetwise Addressing provides a web service that allows applications to pull in the latest address from the Royal Mail Postcode Address File (PAF®) which is updated daily. The ability to connect to Streetwise Addressing from within our main product, alms.NET, and from our previous version, Visual Alms, is included in the latest releases of those products.  We also provide code snippets to assist in integrating Streetwise Addressing with other applications.  It may even be used to help your website based customers, members, supporters, stakeholders etc. If you feel we can help you, give us a call.

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