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PAF, bank validation, wards, districts, mapping, Gift Aid

Streetwise Components



Our clients described additional functional components that ideally they would be using naturally, as parts of their processes, and asked us to integrate them tightly with alms.NET.


First, they wanted a service that was at the same time more affordable and more powerful than straightforward address enhancement, so we partnered with Royal Mail to provide premise-level validation and improved searching.   (Check out our demo to see how it compares with your application.)


We added overlays providing Ward and District data, and then further enriched the software with the geocodes to allow us to map and calculate proximity to a selected postcode.  


In adding this service to the range of systems we supply alongside our flagship alms.NET product, we were among the first to bring out a solution fully compliant with the new submission rules.


Affordable links to validate bank accounts and sort codes were our next priorities, and we plan to continue developing innovative applications that can be integrated with alms.NET, or embedded in your existing software.



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