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02 March 2018

GDPR - Getting ready for 25th May


GDPR becomes effective on 25th May 2018.  With this in mind, The Institute of Fundraising together with the Fundraising Regulator have published guidance on GDPR based on the questions that charities have asked.  It looks at the different fundraising methods and identifies ways in which personal data is likely to be used in each case.

The guidance has been reviewed and co-badged by the Information Commissioner's Office.

Introduction - this document provides general information and key definitions about the GDPR

Fundraising - this document concentrates on the Direct Marketing process via postal, email and SMS/Telephone and when to use  'consent' and 'legitimate interest'

Community Fundraising - this document discusses the difference between event administration and event marketing

Corporate Fundraising  - this document explores the communication with individuals at corporate organisations

Legacy Marketing - this document discusses the topics of sensitive information and communication with family members

Trust Fundraising - similar to the Corporate Fundraising document, this document discusses communication with individuals at trusts

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