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15 March 2018

alms.NET Direct Debit Process - changes to the BACS XML reports

You may have had notification from BACS or your BACS agency that all XML reports will be changing. BACS have been moving to a new environment and all XMl files will be generated using new standards. For more information please see here.  The move is scheduled for completion in mid March 2018.

How does this affect alms.NET?
The ARUDD and ADDACS import process require the XML files and will accept the new format without the need for any software updates.

What are the ARUDD & ADDACS processes
The ADDACS report is a daily report provided by BACS informing you of any changes to Direct Debit Instructions. The ARUDD report is the report of rejections after a claim has been made.

alms.NET supports the above processes by providing a rules engine for the different BACS reasons - what action to take for the mandate and gift agreement and whether a communication is required. For example, the Payer Deceased reason will terminate the DD mandate and gift agreement, mark the contact as deceased and no communication is required.

Any DD mandates in the ADDACS or ARUDD reports that are associated with a membership will be added to an alert on the membership's team's dashboard for action.

For ARUDD files, it will always automatically reverse the transaction and be added to the next nominal ledger journal run.

Where the BACS Code is Refer to Payer, you can set 'n' strikes before alms.NET will terminate the DD mandate.

These rules will then be applied when you import the ADDACS and ARUDD XML files. Having spoken to some of our clients who are using this process, the time saving has been quite extensive - for one of our clients, it has reduced the time from 8 hours to 1 hour.

As a step towards importing the above reports, the BACS Notification grid will allow you to manually type in the report in a 'quick batch' style - on Submit, alms.NET will then apply the rules as per the import - still saving you time.

If you would like more information on the above, please contact the Help Desk at

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