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Quite apart from the work of organisations run entirely on voluntary effort, the contribution of volunteers to the operations of charities and NFPs can be critical. Volunteers fill specialist, expert positions; equally they might offer general support and assistance - in whatever capacity, they can perform key roles in a wide range of business processes.


alms.NET helps you define and create unlimited volunteer pools and role descriptions, and lets you call up volunteer data wherever it requires consulting or processing. Our software streamlines and enhances volunteer recruitment, development, deployment and support across a range of organisations, throughout the sector.

  • Specify voluntary roles for any event - alms.NET helps you identify available, appropriately-skilled volunteers to act as stewards, marshals, First Aiders, speakers, trainers or in any required capacity
  • Geocoded selections let you target volunteers by proximity, by MP constituency, council ward or other relevant address element
  • Major donor specialists can identify and train voluntary influencers to work with selected prospects - alms.NET tracks these relationships and monitors the impact of volunteer activity on donor development
  • alms.NET lets advice line and help desk providers automatically assign cases and case categories to volunteers with specified skills and knowledge
  • User-defined key steps help automate CRB and background checks, induction programmes and other standard or common processes


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