membershipa complete CRM solution for associations, institutes & membership-based charities

If you run a computerised membership scheme, with even a handful of entry categories, a few, progressive membership entitlements and a fee or subscription tariff, then we doubt there’s ever been much let-up in new data processing rules for you to assimilate, test and enforce. Add a few integrated enhancements, perhaps a professional journal or member newsletter, committee management, a web portal …


alms.NET can help you grow your membership, not your overhead.



Each association is different, every institute unique, and we don’t pretend to know how to run your business. But we and our development partners understand the fundamental processes from which effective member relationship management is built, and alms.NET could help you understand them better yourself - allowing you to define your process cycle more exactly, and manage it more precisely.


  • Define charges and benefits for fixed membership years; alms.NET does the pro-rata calculation for part-year joiners
  • Post proforma invoices for compulsory fees to a nominal ledger control account to manage debt
  • Define an optional application process for approval by committee or for peer review
  • Process gift membership of revenue-generating charitable schemes, where the first year beneficiary becomes the payer on renewal
  • Capture multiple beneficiaries to support organisational schemes or family memberships
  • Set up templates to change the user interface; quickly create multiple beneficiaries or individual memberships
  • Define payer and beneficiary communications and generate them automatically
  • Define the renewal trigger point; apply new rates if required and automatically generate renewal notices
  • Automatically issue reminders based on a n reminder cycle, with a final reminder lapsing or terminating the membership
  • Process income from any source, including direct debit and automated standing order statement processing.
  • Save time by directly importing ARUDD and ADDACS feedback files; take action on the membership appropriate to the reason codes
  • Use the Contact 360 to get an in-the-round view of all interactions and involvements, ensuring relevant information is to hand when corresponding with members

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