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Going for very large gifts can be a costly, resource-intensive endeavour, and results can take a while to show. Our software has increased the efficiency and effectiveness of many major donor teams, adding millions of pounds to project budgets and building delivery capacity.


The relationships that develop between fundraising professionals and prospects are highly personal; nonetheless, the business of cultivation should be a transparent and well-understood process. We’ve designed an ergonomic, intuitive, specialist toolset that works naturally with the fundraiser – and makes complex case management much simpler.

  • Research prospects and create profiles detailing biographies, inclinations, preferences and giving capacities, and their involvement history with your and other organisations
  • Create tailorable development programs with options to prescribe steps and stages
  • Keep currently non-suitable prospects for future reference and review
  • Set targets for individual prospects, and per development plan undertaken
  • Assign each prospect and development plan to a mix of fundraisers
  • Analyse and manage prospects’ positions in the development life cycle
  • Assign influencers and cultivators to match prospect profiles
  • View individual and team caseloads
  • Record all activities - from telephone calls, emails and letters to meetings and events attended
  • Diarise and prompt planned actions
  • Record proposals sent
  • Record pledged income and manage subsequent donations
  • Create stewardship programs, pending a supporter’s re-cultivation for a new project
  • Monitor team and fundraiser targets
  • Channel all communications via a single point to ensure acknowledgements are standardised and continually reviewed
  • Automatically block specified teams’ marketing to selected prospects

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