sponsorship, invitation, coursesevents are processes, too

The sheer variety of charities and other NFPs means there’s no simple picture to paint of events management in the sector. ‘Events’ can vary from a one-off, commemorative get-together to a course of paid-for, accredited, professional training, open to several categories of participant and requiring a detailed fee and discount structure.



Aspects of event organisation also come into view here: Community Fundraising .This section looks at core process management tasks that help ensure any event can be efficiently planned and made to happen, and its impact and effectiveness weighed up.


  • Set specific and shared outcome targets per event
  • Define ticket groups and availability criteria
  • Create as many fee types and levels as needed
  • Set up frequent scenario templates to accelerate booking processing
  • Promote discounts through bulk purchased vouchers or season tickets
  • Stream and route invoices to a separate team for approval and issue
  • Route invoices to third parties when dealing with organisations
  • Issue credit notes
  • Generate statements and manage debt
  • Automate communications with bookers and delegates
  • Request, allocate and manage volunteers to act as speakers, trainers and support staff
  • Provide Profit & Loss statements for each event
  • Manage event sponsors and chase income

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