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You face the challenge we call ‘donor development’ – which means, of course, finding ways of influencing your committed supporters to give more and more. It’s a process that’s most critical in difficult times, when your supporters are likely to be feeling the pinch themselves. Your targeting needs to be exact, and you need tools that let you identify what works (and what doesn’t) as expertly as any marketing professional. You need to maintain your donor base, keeping an eye on attrition and response rates while continuously recruiting new support. You need to process, thank and bank. And aim for zero complaints.

We know how these things join up.


Designed with the help of major charities, membership associations and grant-giving bodies, alms.NET continues to be the software partner of sector leaders.


  • Quickly install refined and well-tested mailing processes, including re-useable segments for regular mailings
  • Process cash, cheques and vouchers faster and better, using tailored batching templates, including auto-fill options for source, fund, amount, payment method, management account headings and other nominal ledger links
  • Automatically generate personalised acknowledgements, streamed by amount, issue, fund and previous acknowledgements
  • Run fast searches for supporters by bank account, name, initials, postcode, date of birth, telephone number, email address or part address - in any combination
  • Create new supporters, event registrations and fundraising activities as part of the batching process
  • Further personalise individual acknowledgements; mark and additionally modify to reflect donor circumstances
  • Control the flow of your batching process from input to completion, banking and processing within your nominal ledger
  • Set up mandates to capture direct debits, standing orders and payroll giving, with automated claims, ARUDD and ADDACS for matching, acknowledgement and cancellation purposes. Automatically match imported bank statements. Import payroll giving files, match to existing agreements and aggregate income at employer level
  • Monitor attrition of gift agreements and donations through user-configured recency, frequency & value (RFV) analysis tools
  • Manage the full Gift Aid process, including submissions via the HMRC Gateway


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