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NFP mailing strategies are as diverse as the sector’s aims and audiences, varying greatly in complexity and segmentation. alms.NET does the analysis - and lets you test and refine approaches that fit your own supporter groups.

      Explore contacts with alms.NET’s call-up, addictive spreadsheet Grid - grab who you want and save as a selection or mail directly, instantly
  • Define regular mailing list and associated selection definitions for re-use
  • Automatically process opt-outs
  • Create mailings for retentions, acquisitions and upgrades
  • Quickly select contacts by involvement - volunteer, donor, member, event participant, etc; slice and dice further with RFV analytic tools
  • Create test sub-segments using one-in-n or splitting equally
  • Mix and match output to each segment from bulk email, letters and exports through to fulfilment agencies
  • Create your own complex selections easily, using alms.NET’s specialised selection engine, which supports sums, counts, not-ins and nested selections
  • Automatically exclude contacts who have expressed their preference for marketing, reciprocals and your own user-defined list
  • Arrange your segments and let alms.NET intra-deduplicate contacts across the whole mailing
  • Instantly analyse responses - new contacts, donations, complaints, opt-outs, sign-ups
  • Import segments and contacts using additional or preferred tools

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