community fundraisingthe kit you need to manage your street, community and event-based fundraising

Perhaps you run an income-generating team that develops international fundraising events, promotes sponsored activities in local communities - and wants to do pretty much everything in between.



If so, you need to manage a lot of who’s doing what; you need to inspire and care, to be on hand and to give people space. You need to know the key facts - or where to find them - and to use information from all available channels. Looking constantly to the future.


alms.NET lets you create and exploit opportunities with agility. The software’s functional spread, analytical depth and range of integrated competences and vocabularies help make sure none of your key business processes misses the beat.


  • Direct, personal enquiry routing from other teams, websites and emails
  • Application processing for charity places; allocation by qualification criteria
    Registration fee invoicing, payment processing and income monitoring
  • Fast capture and streaming of ‘own place’ participants

    Fast capture of participants’ friends and guests into communication streams promoting future opportunities
  • Fast capture of fundraisers’ employer details, to maximise Matched Giving opportunities and promote corporate fundraising partnerships
  • Storage and distribution of marketing goods (posters, badges, wristbands, teeshirts, etc)
  • Streamlined support for fundraisers in the community - automatic capture of pipeline events with triggers for issuing guidance literature and publicity materials, scheduling support visits, etc
  • Recording and tracking of unexpected income, defining the activity for subsequent analysis
  • Tribute recording, linking donations, gift agreements and sponsorship income
  • Tailored communication with tribute organisers and tributees
  • Import, matching and creation of contacts, donations, tributes, event registrations and fundraising activities from online giving platforms; match to individual fundraising pages automatically, based on page id

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