integration, not add-ondiscrete systems combined. discreetly


alms.NET is a systems integrator. Business Process Flows choreograph all the systems  contributing to a transaction, function or key task.  


A simple example: let's say someone wants to make an ad hoc donation, and at the same time buy some merchandise. In alms.NET the supporter makes one payment and the software does the legwork, automatically allocating income to your specified accounts, generating the Gift Aid claim, raising a sales order, tracking picking, despatch, receipt and payment, and continually updating your dashboard with information that’s important to you. That’s probably four or five systems at work, but alms.NET makes sure they deliver like one.


alms.NET mixes easily with the social media channels. Capturing contacts’ social account data and listening to the buzz  - tracking and analysing tweets, posts and updates - can tell you a lot about supporters’ motivations and attitudes, flesh out the 360 views and feed back into campaign development. Structured access to supporters’ own online networks of contacts, followers, follows and friends can suggest fresh approaches to new market segments. And an online self-service area – part of your website - helps keep contact data fresh and supporters’ engagement active. People can update profile information, sign up for events,  pledge donations, set up direct debits, register as volunteers, post feedback, or just keep in touch.

‘I’m sorry, I just don’t recognise those figures.’


And so start awkward meetings with Finance teams all over the sector ...


The alms.NET nominal ledger interface configures to your organisation’s management account headings, automatically generating financial information that’s the same wherever it’s read, and letting you monitor any aspect of financial performance via real-time dashboard gauges.


alms.NET is an integrated system … but that’s a message on pretty much every page.






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