360-degree in 3D?how stakeholders get involved

alms.NET is built from the knowledge and experience of the people who use it. It knows about the different ways you reach out to people, and it knows that your supporters can choose one or many ways to get involved with you: as a donor, member, subscriber, volunteer, champion, adopter, pledger, committee member…




These aren’t just labels. In alms.NET an ‘involvement’ - a particular relationship and its associated transactions - are key analytic and metric parameters. Ever wondered if your software didn’t really understand you? alms.NET is nothing if not understanding.




Graphically, you can venn, map results spatially in Google maps, construct pie and bar charts and line graphs, and manipulate your data in a call-up spreadsheet. Grab a set, a segment or a result, ask yourself what you need to know, and then ask alms.NET to tell you.




Sometimes what you need to know might be closer to home: alms.NET keeps you right across what’s happening in your own organisation, integrating calendars, pooling data, keeping things in synch. It’s a bit like 360-degree in 3D.



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