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Decision support where you need it

alms.NET ships with the tools you need to measure exactly how you’re doing, and target and cultivate with precision. You'll find yourself asking your data fresh questions, selecting and segmenting in new and more powerful ways - from the comfort of your personal or team dashboard.




in the days before specialised NFP software, there were spreadsheets


When we started out, spreadsheets were everywhere, struggling with tasks they were never designed to do - as well as doing those jobs for which they are the only effective application. But folk in the sector were fond of their spreadsheets - and sometimes pretty reluctant to give them up in favour of dedicated software. So we told them they didn’t have to - and went away and built spreadsheet functionality into alms.NET, everywhere they said they needed it.


Where there’s data to interrogate or information to analyse, there’s a grid. alms.NET grids are on-board analytic and metric tools, on hand when you need them and simple to instruct - a cinch for anyone used to standard spreadsheet applications. They do what spreadsheets do, and a few things beside. They let you directly manage the data, drill down and review at contact level, generate selective, ad hoc letters and emails...



instant RFV. just add data


The reporting and analysis features automatically available in alms.NET are there by popular demand: we do dialogue-driven development. So for the sake of all you fundraisers, we've made Recency, Frequency and Value analysis really easy: choose a data set, define your bands, and alms.NET goes to work.



‘I’m sorry, I just don’t recognise those figures!


Ever had one of those slightly awkward meetings with your friends in Finance? We might be able to help all of you. In alms.NET there are dashboard controls that process and monitor income, of all types and from all sources, and a nominal ledger interface that configures to your management account heads, providing real-time information that’s the same everywhere you read it.



The reporting engine for core (business/system) reports in alms.NET is Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. On-board, standard reports are available for all the business processes you’re using the system to support, delivered where you want, when you want. And if you’ve the time and expertise, you can of course create your own. 

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