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world horse welfare

World Horse Welfare is an international charity that improves the lives of horses around the world, through education, campaigning and hands-on care. Their vision is a world where every horse - pet, companion, athlete or workhorse - is treated with respect, compassion and understanding. Their mission is to work with horses, horse owners, communities, organisations and governments to help improve welfare standards and stamp out suffering. They focus on sustainable, tested, practical solutions that raise welfare standards in the short term as well as over time.


WHW is the UK's largest horse rescue and rehoming charity. Their dedicated network of Field Officers investigate reports of horses in distress, and issue advice to owners or remove horses to one of four Rescue and Rehoming Centres for urgent care and rehabilitation. WHW rescue centres have room for some 300 horses, but the charity looks after more than 2000 - rehoming is thus WHW’s continual priority, and the appeal for loving homes is their central, ongoing call to supporters.



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